Microbiology / Water Hygiene / Product testing

According to the German Federal Epidemic Act our microbiological laboratory is approved to work with pathogens of risk group II. This enables us to execute a broad range of microbiological analyses with bacteria, fungi and viruses (phages), based on selective culture media and the identification of microbes by their different metabolic capabilities. The spectrum of our microbiological methods cover investigations of air, water (drinking-, recreational-, surface-, ground- and wastewater), surfaces and solid media like compost, soil and sewage sludge. Beyond that we offer detection methods for environmental microbes with special metabolic pathways, such as the ability for hydrocarbon degradation, sulfate reduction, iron related bacteria and all players in the nitrogen cycle.

Our portfolio of microbiological methods is accomplished by different methods of product testing, for instance the antimicrobial effects of specially treated materials, sterility testing, retention capacity of filtersystems for bacteria and viruses or the resistance of materials against microbial degradation.